« To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive »

Thomas fuller


We have prepared a trip in 3 stages to prepare you
and accompany you to live an optimal flotation experience.

Floating ... a surreal experience

Sea of ​​Clouds is neither a hammam nor a spa.
It's a new concept with a unique spirit,
a unique place to relax and meditate in depth.


Combined with a personalized sensory experience,

tailor-made flotation offers a unique possibility
to relax deeply.


The main benefits include
physical benefits (physical recovery, help against insomnia),
emotional benefits (stress reduction) and creative benefits.

01 Earth

Our pop-up and relax zone

02 Sky

Our sensorial experience room

03 Clouds

Our 2 floating rooms

The place

Our Sessions


We distinguish 2 types of sessions:


"Float only" sessions to test only the float experience for 1 hour.


The "creators' experience" sessions to live a complete and unique 1.5 hour experience where you can customize everything: the atmosphere of the floatation room, the shower with essential oils and a little treat to end the session!

Are you coming with a partner, a couple or a friend?
You can choose to enjoy the couple session (two in the same cocoon)

or the duo session (two "creators' experience" sessions at the same time, each one in its cocoon).


All our "creators' experience" sessions follow the same progression process through 3 spaces.