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Float only

Join one of our two flotation rooms to experience a moment of relaxation in an accelerator.


The creators' experience

A full session with original options. It is a completely "à la carte" formula:

Live the experience of our SKY room

- Choose your atmosphere to float;

- Enjoy a shower with essential oils of your choice.

Available in sessions

Solo - Couple * - Duo **
* two in the same cocoon

** each in his/her cocoon

  • la relaxation en apesanteur! Relaxation in weightlessness!

    65 euros
  • L'expérience complète et sans compromis The all-inclusive session

    1 h 30 Min

  • Flotter à 2 dans le même cocon Float together in the same cocoon

    1 h 30 Min

    100 euros
  • Flottez à deux mais chacun dans son bassin!

    1 h 30 Min

  • Un projet ou un événement particulier A project or a special event

    3 h

    Prix variable
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